Revolutionary Design - System Logmatic™

using the logmatic™ system

As with all cutting tools, it's important to take adequate safety steps before starting work. It is recommended that the user wears safety boots (ones with a steel or equivalent grade toecap) and eye protectors before commencing work.

Please read the detailed instructions that are included with all System Logmatic™ products before first use.

In order to split logs in the most efficient manner, follow these steps:

  • If you are using the Splitting Basket: Attach the base, stand upright and fill the Basket with the logs to be split so that they are fairly tightly packed against one another. If you are not using the Basket, ensure that the log (or logs) you are planning to cut are held securely in an upright manner (e.g. by packing them within a used car tire on a hard surface). If you are only splitting a single log, ensure it is stable and upright on a hard surface.
  • Place the Wedge Axe's tip at the point on the log where you want the log to split. If the log is large, or you are cutting kindling, start from the edge of the block - it's easier that way.
  • Lift the striking bar up. It slides up and down on its own internal guide rail, ensuring that the tip of the Wedge Axe stays in permanent contact with the log being split.
  • Push the striking bar down. You can do this either softly or as hard as you like, it all depends on your own strength and experience. Repeat this raising and dropping motion until the wood is split.
  • Beginners tip: Use the first downward striking motion to embed the tip of the Wedge Axe in the log. Then, once the Wedge Axe is 'keyed' into the log, use harder strikes to split the log.
Oscar Securite 2000 Prize for forest- and wood-related technology