Revolutionary Design - System Logmatic™


System Logmatic™ is a great range of products, making wood splitting easier and safer than ever before - and we think you'll agree! But don't just take our word for it - read what the press have to say:

Smallwoods Magazine, UK

"I'd never really considered axework a hassle until I tried Logmatic, which is thoroughly addictive...there are not fragments of firewood flying around and you need no longer have to deal with axes stuck in wood. Put the wood inside an old car tire to contain the pieces, and you can nibble away kindling easily."

do-it-yourself magazine, denmark: 'The world's most reliable axe'

"Over the years, we have tested a wide variety of axes as regards their suitability for splitting firewood, but the Wedge Axe is the safest we have ever seen. What’s more, it’s unbelievably easy to use. Neither is it any big surprise to learn that the Wedge Axe is of Finnish origin because the Finns sure know what is required of tools used in connection with wood...The Wedge Axe is perfectly safe: no injury to the user’s back, hands or feet is possible. Logmatic would undoubtedly be the best-in-the-test in any ergonomics or working environment test. Among the points in its favour is that a vertical working posture is the best possible when splitting firewood. Logmatic Wedge Axes are so safe that a lighter (4 kg) model is also functions just as safely as the bigger (5.5 kg) Wedge Axe. Both models make short work of quite large blocks of wood...splitting firewood is childs play."

JJ, Vermont, USA

"I received my Logmatic today and split a good pile for an hour -  I love it ! "


Oscar Securite 2000 Prize for forest- and wood-related technology