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system logmatic™ - frequently asked questions

  • The traditional axe has been with us for thousands of years, why use something else?
  • The typical hand axe we're familiar with is a 'jack of all trades' - the Logmatic™ Wedge Axe is specifically designed to split logs and chop kindling. As such, it is easier to use, is more efficient and is safer.

  • What's so special about a Logmatic™ Wedge Axe?
  • Consider a traditional axe for a moment. The strike line of the axe can be visualised as an arc running from the high point of the swing, towards the ankles. It requires care and precision to land the blow in exactly the desired spot. It is easy to miss the striking point - sometimes missing the block of wood altogether or, more often than not, simply splitting off a thin slice of wood from the edge of the block being cut.

    With the Logmatic™ Wedge Axe, which is held vertically and placed directly on the desired point of impact, the line of travel is straight - from top to bottom towards the Logmatic™ Splitting Plate - so it's virtually impossible to miss the striking point. With a Logmatic™ Wedge Axe the blade is always set precisely on the spot where the log is easiest to split - therefore less effort is required to spit the wood. In addition, every consecutive strike with the Wedge Axe continues the work by hitting the same spot until the log is split in two.

    With the addition of the Logmatic™ Splitting Basket it is possible to chop one bigger log or several smaller logs at once. Lifting logs onto the chopping block is no longer required as is done when splitting wood with a traditional axe, and logs and debris do not "fly around" either. Because all the logs are held together in the Basket, even after having been cut, the logs are immediately ready to be carried to a woodshed or into the house immediately after splitting.

  • Is the Logmatic™ Wedge Axe environmentally friendly?
  • Absolutely. Because it is a precision tool designed specifically for splitting timber, it is easy to ensure that firewood is chopped into logs of 5 to 10cm (2 to 4 inches) in width - i.e. exactly the size that ensures the most efficient drying and burning of wood. This means you will be able to maximize the heat you get from the wood you chop. Visit and for more information about the environmental benefits of wood as a source of heat and energy. For health and safety tips concerning wood fuel, there are a couple of great PDFs available from the Natural Resources Canada website. You can download 'Burn it Smart! - and Safely', by clicking here, and 'Burn it Smart! - and Healthy' by clicking here.

  • What is System Logmatic™?
  • The Logmatic™ system, i.e. the Wedge Axe, and the Basket, is based on a completely new kind of thinking that 'revolutionizes' all phases of splitting and handling firewood: 1. Logs are easy to carry to the desired location in the Basket either by hand or with a small wheelbarrow. 2. Splitting is carried out immediately within the Basket. All the logs can be split consecutively within the Basket with minimal handling. 3. Lifting the split logs afterwards is easy - they're all contained within the Basket. 4. If you're taking the split logs indoors then the high-quality Basket is an excellent place to store them next to the fire.

  • What about safety?
  • According to study No. 293 by VTT, the estimated number of accidents involving axes that required medical attention was over 4,200 in Finland. The most frequently injured parts of the body were the legs, hands and eyes (up to two or three percent of all injuries). Because of its design, which precludes any swinging of the axe through the air, when splitting logs with the Logmatic™ these hazards are minimised. That said, like all tools the user must show due care and attention - such as wearing safety boots and an eyeshield - and should follow the instructions provided with the tool. Please click here for detailed instructions on using a Logmatic™ Wedge Axe.

  • Do you have to be super fit in order to use a Logmatic™ Wedge Axe?
  • The 'macho image' of strongmen splitting logs is officially history with the arrival of the Logmatic™ Wedge Axe! You do not need great strength, skill or experience to use a Logmatic™ efficiently. In addition, since the Logmatic™ Wedge Axe is used in an upright position, there is no bending and straightening of the torso with each 'swing,' and thus little strain on the user's lower back.

  • How did it all begin?
  • A tall birch once grew in the garden of Jussi Sarvela, the creator of the System Logmatic™. One year this birch was blown down in an autumn storm. Jussi took a traditional axe (for the first time in years), and after having spent half a day trying to clear the great tree away, became convinced that there must be an easier way to do it - and the Logmatic™ Wedge Axe was born!

Oscar Securite 2000 Prize for forest- and wood-related technology